How to Find a Reliable Chinese Supplier of Auto Sensor


Alibaba, as the world’s largest online marketplace and business communication community, is here to introduce how to find suppliers directly through Alibaba

Log in to Alibaba and search for the products you need directly. Find out which manufacturers are producing this type of products and you can also browse the strength, scale and sales of the manufacturers. It is also possible to directly search for the source supplier for a certain product. It is better to know the normality of the manufacturer, whether it is a foundry, and whether there is a main selling product.

Take a company as an example, click to enter the company website. You can look at the supplier’s product catalog. You can find out what other products you may need for this company. You can also look at the total amount of products from time to time. If the total amount of products changes from time to time, it may indicate that the company is still developing new products and adding new OE numbers. Of course, you can also see the company’s contact information, including e-mail and mobile phone number. Finding this information can be the basis for the next contact.

After selecting the suppliers of such products, several pre-selected suppliers are usually drafted first, and then the prices of purchases are negotiated. Step-wise pricing is based on factors such as the quantity and time of purchases. For example, this product has poor sales during the season. At the same time, the details of the time, the quality of transportation and so on are guaranteed on the supply.

After the final selection of the supplier, the customer will begin to review the supplier’s qualification to produce such products. Including business license business registration, product production standard certificate, whether it has a patent, whether it meets the requirements of laws and regulations.

If the purchase amount and the purchase amount are particularly large, as a customer, it is common to conduct an on-site inspection of the supplier manufacturer, understand the supplier’s production scale, and confirm the performance of the product. Through field visits, the supplier’s comprehensive strength and credit can also be known.

The final step is to form a written contract or purchase agreement for each previously agreed rule. Determine the purchase or long-term cooperation purchase in written form