How to Get From Shanghai to Hangzhou from the Pudong Airport


Many passengers have to drive to Hangzhou after getting off the plane at Shanghai Pudong Airport, but they are not very familiar with the traffic routes from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou. Here are few way to get to Hangzhou.


Way one:

In fact, Shanghai Pudong Airport has already opened direct buses to Hangzhou. The following is Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou. Details of the bus schedule, including departure time, driving time, fare, route, consultation telephone, etc.
2016 Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou bus schedule:
Departure time: 08:40, 09:50, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 15:00, 18:00, 19:00 , 20:00, 21:00
Travel time:  3 hours
One-way fare: 115 yuan/person(with insurance)/110 yuan/person(without insurance)
Directions: Starting point Pudong International Airport Pudong International Airport P1 Parking building B1 Floor, east side (near footbridge), via Hangzhou Civil Aviation ticket office, terminal station Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center
From Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Long-distance Bus Terminal, the specific location is at the airport’s east side of P1 parking building, Pudong International Airport Pudong International Airport (near footbridge).

The airport has very detailed signage guidelines.Because the airport bus is easily affected by the weather, road conditions and other factors, the Shanghai Pudong Airport to the Hangzhou bus is for reference only. It is recommended that you call the airport bus to get more information before you travel.

Way two:

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Bus Station, in addition to taking the airport bus, you can also take a bus to the Shanghai Long-distance Bus Station and Shanghai South Bus Station to the Hangzhou Bus Station. The specific traffic routes are as follows.
Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Car Route:
1. Shanghai Pudong Airport → Shanghai Coach Station | Shanghai South Bus Station

1.How to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Coach Station
Metro Line 2 East Extension→ Metro Line 2→ Metro Line 4 (1 hour 30 minutes | 47.3 km | Walk 3.5 km)
1 )From Shanghai Pudong International Airport, take a 3-minute walk to Pudong International Airport Station Take Metro Line 2 east extension (Guanglan Road direction) and get off at Guanglan Road Station;
2 )From Guanglan Road Station, get off at Metro Line 2 (Xudong Road) and get off at Century Avenue Station;
3) Century Avenue Station on the subway line 4 (in the direction of Yishan Road) to Shanghai Railway Station and walk 560 meters to the Shanghai Coach Terminal.
Taxi: 57 minutes, 50.9 kilometers, 9 traffic lights, a taxi about 180 yuan, through the Huaxia Viaduct Road, intermediate ring road.

2. How to from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai South Bus Station
Airport 7 Line: 2 hours 20 minutes / 44.3 km / walking 360 meters / full fare 20 yuan
Take a 40-minute walk from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Pudong Airport Station and take the Airport 7th Line. Get off at 4 stops to Shanghai South Railway Station and walk 330 meters to the terminal Shanghai Long-distance Passenger South Station.
Running time: 7:35-23:05, departure interval 15 minutes.
Taxi: The entire journey is 43.6 kilometers. It passes through Huaxia Viaduct and Zhonghuan Road. It takes about 42 minutes, and the taxi cost is about 153 yuan.

2. Shanghai Long-distance Bus Station | Shanghai South Bus Station → Hangzhou
1) Shanghai coach station to Hangzhou departure time 7:10, 9:20, 10:40, 12:25, 13:50, 15:50, 17:20, reference ticket price 68 yuan.
2) Shanghai South Bus Station to Hangzhou departure time 8:09, 9:15, 10:09, 11:29, 11:45, 12:55, 13:45, 13:59, 15:05, 15:59, At 16:49, 17:59, 18:29, 19:19, 19:49, the reference fare is 68 yuan.

In summary, I recommend the first method to Hangzhou, you can save a lot of trouble transfer.