How to Replace an Intake Air Temperature Sensor


The intake air temperature sensor is used by powertrain control module to determine the temperature of air entering the engine. A bad temperature sensor can cause all kinds of drivability problems, including rough idle, surging, stalling, and poor fuel economy.

How to replace intake air temperature sensor?

Materials Needed

  • New intake air temperature sensor
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety glasses

replacing an intake air temperature sensor diagram

Step 1 Locate the sensor

The intake air temperature sensor is usually located in the air intake boot, or in the air cleaner housing or intake manifold.

hand disconnecting the negative battery cable

Step 2 Disconnect the negative battery cable

Disconnect the negative battery cable, set it aside.

hand removing the electrical connector

Step 3 Remove the sensor’s electrical connector

had removing the sensor

Step 4 Remove the sensor

Some sensors simply pull straight out, others mignt need be unscrewed using a wrench.

hand installing the new sensor

Step 5 Install the new sensor by pushing it straight in or screwing it in, depending on the design

Step 6 Reconnect the electrical connector

Step 7 Reinstall the negative battery cable


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