How to Replace a MAP Sensor


How to Replace a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) Sensor

Materials Needed

  • Gloves
  • Pliers
  • Replacement MAP(Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor) sensor
  • Socket wrench

a common type of map sensor installed

Step 1 Locate the installed MAP sensor

There is a rubber vacuum hose running to the MAP sensor, and an electrical connector with a group of wires coming from the connector.

removing clamp on vacuum line

Step 2 Use pliers to remove the retaining clamps

All clamps retaining the vacuum line should be disconnected also moved down the length of hose to free the vacuum line from the nipple connected on the MAP sensor.

unbolted map sensor

Step 3 Remove any bolts holding the MAP sensor to the car

Use socket wrench to remove any bolts securing the sensor

unplugged map sensor

Step 4 Remove the electrical connector plugged into the sensor.

Unplug the electrical connector by squeezing the tab down while firmly pulling the connectors apart and connect the new sensor to the electrical connector.

Step 5: If the MAP sensor was bolted to the vehicle, replace these bolts.

Make sure to tighten the bolts, but do not overtighten them. Use a wrench with a short handle.

reinstalled map sensor

Step 6 Replace the vacuum line and any clamps that were removed.

Reconnect the vacuum hose.

The replacement is complete.


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